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ESET Anti-Theft optimization is a measurable technical assessment of the security state of your device. Anti-Theft protection will examine your system for the issues listed below.

For each security issue, tap Change settings to navigate to the screen where you can resolve that specific issue. If you do not want ESET Mobile Security to report an issue as a problem, tap Ignore this issue.

Location services turned off – To turn on, navigate to Android settings > Location services and select Use Wireless networks

GPS Satellites not used – Access this setting in Android settings > Location > Mode > High accuracy

Screen Lock not secured – To secure your device with a screen lock code, password, PIN or pattern, navigate to Android settings > Lock screen; Screen lock and select one of the available options. Most Android devices offer Swipe, Motion, Face unlock, Face and voice, Pattern, PIN or Password. If someone tries to unlock your device using an incorrect code, ESET Anti-Theft will notify you about the suspicious activity in the ESET HOME portal.

Mobile data not enabled – Access this setting in Android settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile networks > Data.

Google Play Services not present – ESET Anti-Theft uses Google Play Services to deliver commands to your device in real-time and display push notifications. If these services are disabled or missing on your device, theESET Anti-Theft functions managed from ESET HOME will be limited.