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Adware Detector

Adware Detector is ESET's response to adware applications. Adware apps can be legitimate applications or applications that try to present themselves as legitimate (such as Calculator or torch ). These apps then display full screen ads even when the application is closed. Therefore, the user cannot detect which application is displaying these screen ads.

Adware Detector helps you identify these adware applications. To use it, do the following after a screen ad is displayed:

1.Open ESET Mobile Security.

2.On the main ESET Mobile Security screen, tap Antivirus.

3.Tap three_dots_menu in the top right corner to display the menu.

4.Tap Adware Detector in the menu.

5.After Adware Detector displays a guide for detecting adware applications, Tap Continue.

Adware Detector displays applications that were open in the last five minutes. Identify suspicious applications, and tap Remove to remove them from your device. A suspicious application is usually one that you were not supposed to open or that you were not using at the moment.