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Referral codes



This feature is only available for users that downloaded ESET Mobile Security from Google Play and do not have the premium license activated.

Your referral code is a unique number that is assigned to your device. Share and receive referral codes to get a free ESET Mobile Security premium license for up to a year.

Share your referral code with a friend, and you will both receive a premium license free for 30 days. If your friend does not have ESET Mobile Security, they will receive a unique download link for ESET Mobile Security that includes the free 30-day premium license.

Each time you share a referral code, you will receive a free premium license for 30 days and a virtual trophy to help you keep track of the codes you have shared and received. Each virtual trophy represents a free 30-day premium license. You can share up to 12 referral codes to receive free licenses. After you receive all 12 virtual trophies, you can still share your code with friends who will continue to receive free 30-day premium licenses, but you will not receive any additional free licenses.