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To unlock premium features in ESET Mobile Security, you need to activate ESET Mobile Security.

There are multiple ways to activate ESET Mobile Security. The availability of a specific activation method may vary depending on your country, as well as the means of distribution (ESET web page, Google Play).

If you do not have a license yet

1.Tap the menu button hamburger_menu to open the main menu.

2.Tap License in the main menu.

3.In Your license section tap Upgrade to premium.

4.Select a Monthly or Yearly subscription plan. After selecting your plan, your subscription will be renewed automatically on the interval you choose.

5.You will be directed to complete the purchase through Google Play.

6.You will receive a Google Play order receipt with your Order number to the email address associated with your Google Play account. You will also receive an email from ESET (noreply) with your license information to this same email account. Save these emails for future reference.

7.Your product will activate automatically once the Google Play purchase is successful.

If you purchased license through

A license key is a unique string formatted: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX which is used to identify the license owner. You can find it in the email received from ESET or on the license card included in the purchased box.


Features availability

Some features like Referral codes are only available to Google Play license owners; these features will become inactive if the product is activated with a license purchased from

If you already have a license

You want to connected your device to ESET HOME and activate ESET Mobile Security with license already associated with ESET HOME

To connect your device ESET HOME and activate ESET Mobile Security visit the Connecting to ESET HOME topic.

Activation without ESET HOME

1.Go to the main menu by tapping the menu button hamburger_menu.

2.Tap License on the ESET Mobile Security home screen and select Enter a License Key.

3.Type your license key in the field and tap Activate.

4.When verification of your license is complete, Activation successful will be displayed.

5.Tap Finish to close the window.