Web Portal

Version 6 of ESET Mobile Security integrates completely with ESET Anti-Theft protection through the new myESET portal. From the ESET Anti-Theft web portal, you are able to monitor your device activity, lock the device, send custom messages to the device finder, trigger a loud siren or wipe device data remotely.

To create a myESET account, tap Create new account and fill out the registration form. Check your email for the account confirmation and click the link inside to activate your account. Now you can enjoy managing the Anti-Theft security features from myESET. If you already have a myESET account, tap Sign in and enter your email and password. When these steps are complete, you can associate the device with your myESET account.

For further guidance on how to use ESET Anti-Theft features, refer to the Anti-Theft user guide or tap Help in the top right corner of the screen.