Product license versions

ESET Mobile Security has three available versions:

Free – basic features are free to use for unlimited time

Trial – premium features are activated for a limited time (30 days by default). The trial license is automatically activated the first time ESET Mobile Security is installed per Google Play account.

Premium – premium features are activated until your license expires.


This table indicates which features are available in the Free, Trial and Premium versions:



Trial and Premium


Antivirus – automatic scans


Automatic updates of detection module


App Lock


Anti-Theft – web portal


Anti-Theft – SIM guard




Security Audit


Security Report

To activate ESET Mobile Security directly on your Android device, tap Menu action_button_menu on the ESET Mobile Security main screen (or press the MENU button on your device) and tap License.

There are multiple ways to activate ESET Mobile Security. The availability of a particular activation method may vary depending on your country, as well as the means of distribution (ESET web page, Google Play).

Monthly or Yearly – select your preferred subscription interval if you do not have a license and would like to buy one through Google Play .

Enter a License Key – select this option if you already have a license key. A license key is a unique string formatted: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX which is used to identify the license owner. You can find it in the email received from ESET or on the license card included in the purchased box.

I have a Username and password, what should I do? – select this option to convert your Username and password to a License Key at