Connected Home

Connected Home allows you to scan your network for devices connected to your router and to scan your network for vulnerabilities. Connected Home scans your network in two steps. First it scans your network for connected devices, if a new device is found, you will receive a notification and the device is marked with the star symbol. In the second step Connected Home tests the devices vulnerability by connecting to these devices to detect vulnerabilities such as open ports, weak router user name and password, firmware problem, etc. These can be used by attackers to gain control of your router and your other devices trough it. Routers and devices controlled by attackers can be used to collect information about you, to use your devices in denial-of-service attacks (DDoS), etc.

Connected Home also provides you with a well-arranged list of devices connected to your network. This will give you better summary of who is connected to your network. Based on this you can manage or deny access of these devices to your network in your router interface. You can open your routers web interface directly from Connected Home by selecting your router and tapping the Open web interface option.