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Anti-Theft Settings

Lock after failed attempts

Select the number of failed unlock attempts permitted before the device will lock. To set up number of unlock attempts tap three_dots_menu on the Anti-Theft screen, select Settings, tap Lock after failed attempts, and select the number of failed attempts you want.

Time for correction

If you enabled Lock after failed attempts, your device will lock after the number of unsuccessful attempts you set. Disable Time for correction to lock the device immediately after reaching the set number of failed attempts, or set a length of time to unlock your device successfully before it locks after reaching the set number of failed attempts.



Lock after failed attempts is enabled, and the number of failed attempts is set to three.

Time for correction is set to 15 seconds.

After entering the wrong unlock pattern on the device three times, you have 15 seconds to enter the correct unlock pattern to prevent ESET Mobile Security from locking the device.

Edit contact details

If you mark your device as missing on ESET Anti-Theft, or after a selected number of failed unlock attempts, the information from Contact Details will be displayed on your locked device's screen so that the person who finds it will be able to contact you.

This information can include:

Message displayed (optional)

Your name (optional)

Phone number (other than your own)

Email address (optional)


Manage trusted SIM cards

This option allows you to delete or rename the inserted SIM card. To add a new trusted SIM card, insert the SIM card in the device. The device will lock. Unlock the device with your security code. You will be prompted to add the newly inserted SIM card to the list of trusted SIM cards. If you do not add this SIM card to the list, SIM guard will stay disabled.

Change lock type

Select a way to unlock ESET Anti-Theft. PIN code is set as a default option during the Anti-Theft setup. You can change this to a pattern unlock option.

Use fingerprint

When enabled, you can use the fingerprint saved in the device to unlock the Anti-Theft option.