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Call Filter

Call Filter blocks incoming or outgoing calls based on rules that you set.

Call notifications will not be displayed when an incoming call is blocked. View the Call log to check for calls that may have been blocked by mistake.

Tap Block last caller to block incoming calls from the last received phone number. This will create a new rule.


To create a new rule, tap the + icon. See the next chapter for more information.

To modify an existing rule, tap the rule entry in the list of rules . To remove an entry from the Rules list, select the entry and tap Remove.

Call log

The Call log section displays the log of all calls blocked by the Call Filter. Each log contains the name of the call, corresponding phone number, and date and time of the event.



Devices without SIM card

Call Filter does not work on devices that do not support calling and messaging.


Outgoing calls

Call filter is not blocking outgoing call in ESET Mobile Security downloaded from Google Play.


Android support

Call Filter is available only on devices with Android 6 or later.