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Start-up Wizard

After installation, follow the on-screen prompts in the Start-up Wizard:


Enable permissions for ESET Mobile Security

This guide is based on stock Android settings. The permission enabling process may differ based on your device manufacturer.

1.Tap Country and select the applicable country.

2.Tap Language and select the applicable language. The language can be changed later in the program's settings.

3.Tap Next and agree to the End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy.

4.If applicable, allow the following options and tap Next.

ESET LiveGrid© feedback system. To read more about ESET LiveGrid©, visit the Advanced settings section.

Allow to send promotional discounts and product news from ESET

5.Log in to your ESET HOME account to connect your mobile device to your account and activate your ESET Mobile Security.

arrow_down_homeContinue with Google
arrow_down_homeContinue with Apple
arrow_down_homeScan QR code
arrow_down_homeContinue with email

If you do not have ESET HOME account, or you do not want to connect your mobile device to your ESET HOME account, tap Skip. You can log in to your ESET HOME account later in the ESET Mobile Security app.

If you select to skip this step, you will be prompted to select the email account that will receive ESET license registration and Technical Support emails. Tap Select your email address to display the list of available email accounts. Select the email from the list of accounts or tap Add account to add a new email account to your device. Tap OK to continue. To use a different email account without adding the account to your device, tap Select your email address > Cancel. Repeat this action twice. Type your email and tap Select to continue.

6.The last steps of the start-up wizard vary based on the version of Android on your device.

arrow_down_homeAndroid 6-10
arrow_down_homeAndroid 11 and later


Battery protector

Many device manufacturers introduced battery protectors or battery-saving options in Android 6 and later devices. This feature turns off the Anti-Phishing functionality in ESET Mobile Security when turned on. On devices with this feature, you will need to create an exception to allow the ESET Mobile Security Anti-Phishing functionality to work with the battery-saving feature turned on. To create an exception, check your device manufacturer's documentation.