Connected Home

Connected Home allows you to scan your network for devices connected to your router and to check for vulnerabilities. Connected Home scans your network in two steps.

First Connected Home scans your network for connected devices. If a new device is discovered, you will see a notification and the device will be marked with the star symbol. Discover devices on your network manually, by tapping Scan Network. You can also discover devices automatically. To use this option, tap the menu icon three_dots_menu> Settings and allow the Discover devices manually option.

In the second step of the scan, Connected Home tests the connected devices for vulnerabilities by connecting to them and checking for vulnerabilities such as open ports, weak router user name and password, router firmware problem, etc. These vulnerabilities can be leveraged by attackers to gain control of your router, and other devices connected to it. Routers and devices that are controlled by attackers can then be used to collect information about you, or even participate in distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS), etc.


Connected Home also provides you with a comprehensive list of devices connected to your network to to keep you informed about who is connected to your network. Based on this information you can manage or deny access these devices have to your network from your router's web interface. You can access your router's web interface directly from Connected Home by selecting your router and tapping the Open web interface option.

You can view the connected devices as a list or as a visual:

list-ch-icon List view - Connected devices are displayed in a standard list view with the Router on top followed by the online devices and ending with the history of previously connected devices.

sonar-cm-icon Sonar view - devices are displayed as a visual in a half circle with the router in the center. In the second layer from the center are displayed devices that are online at the moment. In the third layer is displayed a history of previously connected devices. You can move between devices by tapping the arrow buttons or scroll in the circle direction.


For easier device management, assign a category to the device (such as Smartphone, TV, Gaming console, Computer, etc.),  rename the devices from the standard manufacturers names or it's IP address to more understandable names (for example: SM-G955F to Sam's phone, to Jane's computer, etc.).

To rename the devices in ESET Mobile Security tap the device icon in Connected Home > tap the pencil icon in the top right, select the device category, type in the device's name and then tap OK.