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Referral codes

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This feature is only available for users with a Google Play license.

Your referral code is a unique number that is assigned to your device. Share and receive referral codes to get a free ESET Mobile Security premium license for up to a year.

Share your referral code with a friend and both of you will receive a free 30 day premium license. If your friend does not have ESET Mobile Security, they will receive a unique download link for ESET Mobile Security that includes the free 30 day premium license.

If you receive a referral code that your friend shared with you, you will have access to a free 30 day premium license. Each code can be used one time on a single device.

If you send or receive referral codes 12 times a (a friend uses a code you shared or you use a code received from a friend), you will receive a 30 day free premium license and a virtual trophy to help you keep track of the amount of codes you have shared with and received. Each virtual trophy represents a free 30 day premium license. After you receive all 12 virtual trophies, you can still share your code with your friends who will receive a free 30 day premium license, but you will not receive anymore additional licenses.