How to migrate from MLS to EMA

For version 6 business products, ESET MSP Administrator (EMA) has replaced our Managed License System (MLS) (which only supports version 5 business products). ESET will continue to support the current version 5 system (MLS, EMU and ERA version 5) to give users time to upgrade to version 6. For more information, see the ESET MSP Administrator version 5 Online Help.

NOTE: ESET Remote Administrator version 6 supports version 4 and 5 products, but only after the version 6 Agent is installed on the endpoints with version 4 or 5 products on them.


System Requirements

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Migration from MLS to EMA

To migrate from MLS to EMA, follow the instructions below:

1.Install ERA version 6 on a separate server from the one currently running ERA version 5: How do I upgrade my network to ESET Remote Administrator and ESET Endpoint version 6?
NOTE: We recommend that you use a Security Admin account that has management scope over all of your MSP license seats. How to manage MSP licenses with ERA.

2.Install an ERA proxy module within each remote LAN: How do I configure endpoint clients to connect to the ESET Remote Administrator Proxy? (6.x)

3.Install the Agents to all machines within the Remote LAN. You will need to use a transformed msi file or the Agent Live Installer method to deploy the agents to these remote machines (you cannot use remote deployment across the WAN).

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b.How do I create an MST transformation file to deploy ESET Remote Administrator Agent via SCCM or GPO? (6.x)

4.To stay with version 5 endpoints:

After you install the Agent on machines with version 4 or 5 products, verify that all the endpoints are checking into ERA version 6 Web Console and then shut down ERA version 5 .

To migrate to version 6 endpoints:

a.Use the Software Install Client task to upgrade the endpoints to version 6.

b.When all endpoints are upgraded, you can recycle the version 5 ERA server.