Remote deployment

Depending on what your environment allows you to do, select one or more of the remote deployment options.

Deployment using the proprietary tool

To install the ESET Management Agent remotely, use your management tool to run the installer. The installer does not require any parameters.


ESET Remote Deployment Tool

You can also use ESET Remote Deployment Tool to deploy Management Agent in specific environments. The Deployment tool uses another type of Agent installer.


Server Task deployment

If you can provide credentials for client computers, you can use the Agent Deployment Server Task. ESMC Server directly connects to the client machine and installs the Agent. Read more about Agent Deployment task.

Important information

Agent Deployment task cannot be run on a computer which is only accessible via HTTP Proxy.

The tasks are executed serially, one machine at a time. If the target is in hundreds of machines, this task will take days to finish.

GPO/SCCM deployment

You can also use management tools such as Group Policy Object (GPO), Software Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), Symantec Altiris or Puppet.

Read more about GPO and SCCM deployment method.