ESET MSP Platform Overview

The ESET MSP Program licensing infrastructure is made up of several systems: The licensing backend (Dexter and EMA/ELA), the front end (ERA) and the client's endpoints.

ESET MSP license keys are created in EMA for a group of one or more products. Behind the scenes, these keys are tied to one or more sets of license credentials in our standard  license management system, "Dexter".

ESET Remote Administrator (ERA) is required to distribute MSP licenses to the client endpoints.

Important components


ESET MSP Administrator (EMA)

EMA is a licensing management system for monthly licenses. It allows you to generate a single license with a seat count that you can distribute to multiple customers using ERA.

ESET Licensing Administrator (ELA)

Is an optional version 6 business product licensing management system for ESET licenses. Using ELA, an MSP (License Owner) can designate a Security Admin to manage and distribute licenses. After accepting their role, the Security Admin can manage the license (make changes, associate seats, etc.) and can assign licenses to computers (licenses include both MSP and pre-paid/non-MSP).

Agent (ERA)

The ERA Agent is required for the remote management of client computers using ERA version 6. ESET endpoint clients do not communicate with the ERA server directly, and the ESET Remote Administrator Agent facilitates this communication instead. For a list of ESET Knowledge articles, see ERA Agent FAQ.

ESET Remote Administrator 6 (ERA 6)

ERA allows you to manage ESET products on workstations, servers and mobile devices in a networked environment from one central location. The deployment capability of ERA was originally designed to be used in a contiguous LAN. Since most MSPs connect to their clients over a WAN across the open Internet, a third-party tool is needed to install the ESET clients remotely. Using a Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tool is the ideal way to distribute software. However, it is now possible to download the installer directly from the ERA server and with version 6, you can distribute the ERA Agent via Active Directory.

Security Admin

ERA connects to EMA/ELA using the Security Admin account to retrieve license credentials. How to manage MSP licenses with ERA.

ESET MSP Program overview