EMA1 to EMA2 migration FAQ

What are the benefits of migration?

EMA2 brings you the latest smart features, such as license usage reporting, improved customer management, and enables you to sell and manage new products, such as ESET Secure Authentication, ESET Full Disk Encryption or ESET Dynamic Threat Defense. ESET regularly adds new products to the MSP offering and all upcoming releases will only be in EMA2.


Are any new products or services being added to EMA2?

Yes. ESET Secure Authentication, ESET Full Disk Encryption, ESET Dynamic Threat Defense and ESET Cloud Office Security are available with additional products planned for future release.


What are the system requirements and who is eligible to migrate to EMA2?

EMA2 is compatible with v6.x and v7.x ESET management console and client versions only. EMA2 is not compatible with v5 or older ESET management console and client versions.

API users: If you are an MSP using the EMA1 API, you must integrate with the new EMA2 API prior to migrating to EMA2. If you have questions about this, contact your ESET sales team

*For more info on upgrading from ERA v5 to ESMC v7, refer to the migration topic.

*For more info on EMA2 API, refer to EMA 2 API Online Help, EMA 2 API Swagger.


What ESET Management consoles are supported by EMA2?

As explained in the previous question, ESET management consoles ERA 6.x and ESMC 7.x are supported.


Will I need to resync licensing in my ESET management console (ERA v6 or ESMC v7) or my RMM plugin?

There is no need to resync licenses in your ESET management console (ERA v6 or ESMC v7) or RMM plug-in.


Does the license management changes after the migration?

If you use ESET Security Management Center (ESMC) version 7.1 or later, your licenses are divided into license pools, one pool per each company (customer).



If you have your EMA 2 account synchronized before the ESMC update, you need to move licenses to company groups inside the ESMC.


Until when Legacy License Support will be provided in EMA1?

Legacy License Support will be disabled as of September 1, 2020. It will have impact only on ERA5 console and endpoints under ERA5. Impacted endpoints will no longer receive module updates. We strongly recommend Upgrading to ESMC ASAP.


When will my migration take place?

Migration is scheduled based on prior agreements with involved parties. Please contact your ESET Representative to start with the preparation for migration. The MSP will receive notification emails 48 and 24 hours before migration.


What hours will the migration take place in?

Migration usually starts at 7:00 AM Central European Time (UTC+02:00 DST/UTC+01:00) and can take until 12:00 PM Central European Time (UTC+02:00 DST/UTC+01:00). Where possible, migration is scheduled to take place outside customersˈ business hours.


Is the EMA login URL changing?

Yes. To log in to ESET MSP Administrator 2 (EMA2), use the new URL: https://msp.eset.com.


Are my EMA login credentials changing?

Yes. After the migration is complete, each migrated EMA1 user will receive an email with a username and a one-time password for EMA2.


How long will my migration take?

It depends on the size and structure of each MSP. Migration can take a couple of minutes or up to several hours. For example, a customer with up to 10 sites can be migrated within a few minutes, customer with up to 200 sites might be migrated within less than an hour.


Who will be handling my migration?

Your EMA1 account migration will be handled by the ESET HQ migration team.


Will I need to be available during migration?

No. The migration is automated, and your assistance is not needed at the time of migration.


Can I access my current EMA1 licensing during my migration?

Yes, however your access level will be switched to read level access to EMA1 during migration.


Will I still have access to my old data from EMA1 after migration?

Yes, however your access level will be switched to read level access to EMA1 after migration.


What will I need to do after migration?

Log in to EMA2 to access and manage your licensing in EMA2 moving forward. You will receive EMA2 access credentials in an invitation email after the upgrade is completed.


What will happen to my non-MSP licenses associated to EMA1 security administrator?

If you are currently using ESET License Administrator to manage both MSP and non-MSP licenses, these will be handled as follows – your MSP licenses will be transferred to EMA2, and the non-MSP ones to ESET Business Account (EBA). The access credentials you will receive in an invitation email after the upgrade is completed will be valid both for EMA2 and EBA.


Who can I reach out to with issues after my migration?

Before and during migration, reply directly to the email communication you received before migration or by filling out a special support form (link to this form is part of the same email communication). After the migration is complete, MSPs should follow the normal procedure for submitting a support ticket through your local ESET office.