Migration from ERA 5.x to ESMC 7.0


ERA 5.x Server and Console running with endpoints connecting to the Server.

Endpoint machines running version 5.x ESET Endpoint security software activated with legacy licenses (for example, you used installers from ESET MSP Utility tool).

No network restrictions to access the ESET servers. See the list of ports used with ESMC.

Endpoint machines can connect to ERA Server directly, without using a proxy. If you use a proxy for connecting agents, follow the alternate steps.

ESMC requires a machine with a compatible version of Windows OS.

This guide shows how to migrate from ERA 5.x to ESMC 7 on the same machine. If necessary, you can also migrate to another machine.

On the server where ESET Remote Administrator 5.x is installed, download and install Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Package (x86). Some newer Windows versions include this package.

Deploy ESET Management Agents to the endpoint machines using a 3rd party remote management tool (other than ERA 5) with administrator access.


Important information

If you do not have a remote management tool that can run .bat scripts on client machines, you need to install ESMC 7 on another machine and use ERA 5 Server to deploy Agents. Follow our Knowledgebase article to migrate to another machine.

Migration process overview

Migration is not a short process, therefore we separated it into the principal tasks:

1.Migration of ERA environment

a.Migration of ERA 5.x server to ESET Security Management Center 7

i.Export the ERA 5 database

ii.Install the ESET Security Management Center

iii.Import of ERA 5 database

b.Deployment of Management Agents

i.Create a Agent Live installer

ii.Management Agent installation

c.Optional: Deployment of proxy

2.License transfer

a.Create a Security Administrator account in EMA

b.Disable legacy licenses in EMA

c.Remove licenses from ESMC 7

d.Import Security Administrator account into ESMC 7

3.Update ESET security products to version 7

a.Create an Install Task

b.Create a Trigger

c.Check the updated product