Install the ESET Security Management Center

Download the ESMC installer

Download the ESMC All-in-one installer from the ESET website. Choose the 64-bit or 32-bit package according to your operating system running on the ERA 5 machine. When you download the installer, extract its contents and run the installer.

I. Installation of the ESMC 7


The installation process shown below is the recommended process for most users. Specific environments might require different choices during the installation. For example, if you also want to use Mobile Device Management or you want to use your existing MySQL or MS SQL server for the ESMC database. You can also use a database located on another machine.

Do not follow this installation chapter if you are running the installation on the Device Controller machine.

You can read more about advanced installation options in the ESMC installation guide.


1.Open the installation package and click Next on the Welcome screen.


2.Select Install ESET Security Management Server and click Next.


3.Deselect the check box next to Participate in product improvement program if you do not agree to send crash reports and telemetry data to ESET. If the check box is left selected, telemetry data and crash reports will be sent to ESET.

4.Accept the EULA and click Next. Select the applicable components to install and click Install.


Apache HTTP Proxy

In case of distributed networks typical for MSP deployments, installing Apache HTTP Proxy on the ESMC Server is not recommended. The Apache HTTP Proxy option is intended only for smaller or centralized networks, without roaming clients. If this option is selected, clients will be configured by default to tunnel communication with ESET (updates, installers..) via proxy installed on the same machine as ESMC Server. This connection will not work if there is no direct network visibility between clients and ESMC Server.

You can install Apache HTTP Proxy later on another machines.


5.Next, the ESMC installer checks the pre-requisites for the installation. If errors are found during the prerequisites check, address them accordingly.

6.Click Retry to continue the installation.



If you have selected to install Webconsole components, the installer is looking for valid Java or OpenJDK installation. Java is necessary for the Webconsole to run correctly. Starting January 2019, Oracle JAVA SE 8 public updates for business, commercial or production use require a commercial license. If you do not purchase a JAVA SE subscription, you can use OpenJDK, a no-cost alternative. See the full list of supported JDK versions.

In this guide, we use a no-cost alternative to Java, Amazon Corretto 8.

1.Download the Corretto installer (.msi file) for your Windows version. Make sure you download the same version as your ESMC installer (x86 for 32-bit and x64 for 64-bit Windows).

2.Run the Corretto installation with default settings.

3.Finish the installation and return to the ESMC installer window.

4.In the ESMC installer, if no valid Java installation if found automatically, click Select a Java installation and navigate to your Corretto (or your alternative) folder. Select a folder that has a subfolder named bin and click OK.


5.After there is a valid Java or JDK option listed in the installer, click Install to start the installation of the ESMC and its components.


III. Post installation setup

1.After the installation has finished, you can activate the product immediately, but we recommend to select Activate later.


2.Create a strong password for the Administrator account for the ESMC Webconsole. You will use this account for logging in to the Webconsole. The Administrator account has the highest privileges.


3.You can leave the fields intact, or enter your corporate information to appear in the details of ESET Management Agent and ESMC Server certificates. If you choose to enter a password to the Authority password field, be sure to remember it. Click Next and confirm the installation by clicking Install.


4.Wait for the installation to finish.


5.When the installation is complete, ESET Security Management Center Server installation was successful is displayed in addition to your ESMC Web Console URL address. Save the URL (for example as a bookmark) and click Finish.


6.Once you have installed ESMC, continue with importing the ERA 5 database.