Import of ERA 5 database

1.Run the Migration tool, similarly as during the database export.

2.Select Import and click Next.

3.After accepting the EULA, click Next.

4.Enter the IP address of the machine (that was displayed in the ESMC Console in the Installation successful screen) into the Host field and the administrator password configured during installation.

5.Select the database file you have extracted previously.

6.If server settings do not allow for importing specific data, the ESET Remote Administrator Migration tool lets you change settings in ESMC 7 for specific components. Each of the components is then imported. An import (migration) log is available for each component.

7. After the import is complete, the Migration tool will display the results of the import process. Click Next.


8.Click Save script next to Windows script to select a location and name for the script to be used for Agent deployment. Click Finish.


9.Continue to the next chapter to deploy the v7 Management Agents to your client computers.