How to manage MSP licenses with ERA

ESET Remote Administrator (ERA) is required in order to distribute MSP licenses to the client endpoints. ERA connects to EMA/ELA (ESET License Administrator) using the Security Admin account to retrieve license credentials.

You use ELA to create or add an existing Security Admin (from ELA) to retrieve licenses from EMA/ERA.

First, create new Sites and licenses in EMA: How to create a new Site.

NOTE: Be sure to add the existing Security Admin to your EMA Site that you use in ELA/ERA.

Next, the process of importing licenses to ERA is described within the ERA 6 Online Help because this process is the same as when you import standard yearly licenses into ERA 6 (using the option with Security Admin account).

1.Open ESET Remote Administrator Web Console (ERA Web Console) in your web browser and log in. (How do I open ERA Web Console?)

2.Click Admin > License Management.

3.Click Add Licenses and expand the Security Admin Credentials section.  Type in the Security Admin account credentials and ERA will display all delegate licenses later in ERA License Manager.

Any changes in EMA that you make to the licenses connected to the Security Admin will be synchronized in ERA and ELA. We recommend that you also create an additional (or more) designated Security Admin account for each customer so your customer can track their license pool usage in ELA.

For more detailed information for adding licenses or Security Admin credentials, visit the following ESET Knowledgebase article:

Add/Disable ESET product licenses in ESET Remote Administrator (6.x)