How to edit a User or reset a User password

How to edit a User

1.Click the Users tab User tab, click a User Name and then click Edit from the drop-down menu.

2.You can edit the following fields (attributes) for an existing User:

User Edit field names


Firstname and Lastname

You can change the first and last names for the User record.


You can assign a User to a different Company. See the topic How to move a User to a new Company.


You assign a User to a Type which determines what rights and permissions (Admin, Read and Write) they have to create licenses, companies, other users etc. See the section Managing Users > User access levels.


EMA will send all emails to the email address defined by this field.

Primary Contact

This check box designates the User the Primary Contact, within the Edit User screen only.


By deselecting the Active check box, the User will no longer have access to EMA.

3.Click Save.

How to Reset a User Password

1.Click the Users tab User tab, type the user name into the Search field and then press Enter.

2.Click the user name you want to reset the password for and select Edit from the context menu.

3.From the User Edit screen, click Reset Password. The User will receive an email with instructions to reset their password.