Managing Licenses

Once a Site is created, you manage the products and licenses in the Product Licenses section of EMA or from the Edit Licenses pop-up window. For a typical MSP setup, only one Site is needed.

For ERA version 5 users, only one (1) Site is needed to manage MSP licenses. For ERA version 6 users, we recommend that you create one (1) Site with its own license pool for each customer for advanced/improved reporting and management of customers.


To access an existing Site: Click the Sites tab Sites tab, click the Site name and then click Edit from the drop-down menu. Alternatively, click Edit Licenses to manage licenses from a pop-up window.


This section contains the following topics related to managing your MSP product licenses:

How to manage MSP licenses with ERA

How to add a new product to a Site

How to change seat counts

How to cancel or reactivate a license

How to create a trial, cancel or convert a license from trial to full