General FAQs

1.When did the new ESET MSP Administrator (EMA) with support for ESET version 6 business products launch?
The new ESET MSP Administrator launched in the first quarter of 2015, after the February 25, 2015, version 6 business products release.

2.How do I log in to manage and create licenses in ESET MSP Administrator?
Visit the following website: http://ema.eset.com or see Accessing and Logging into EMA for more information.

3.How do I upgrade my version 5 system (MLS, EMU, ERA version 5) to version 6 (EMA, ERA version 6)?
See the topic <%TARGETTITLE%>.  

4.Which products are supported by ESET MSP Administrator?
See the topic Supported ESET Products for a complete list.

5.I forgot my password to log into EMA, how can I reset it?
From the EMA login screen, click Forgotten password, type your EMA email address into the field and then click Submit.  You will receive an email with instructions for resetting your password.

6.Will there be significant changes to the the API (compared to MLS)?
The API will be updated with new features/calls but will remain backward-compatible with the current version for now. When the API is updated, the relevant information will be located in the ESET MSP API topic.

7.How do I find out how many clients there are in ERA for each product?
To see a count of each product, create a Dynamic Group using the product as the criteria and then check the number of members in each group.

8.I need help with the ESET MSP Program, what support resources are available?
ESET provides support in the form of this user guide (Online Help), and it is available from within the EMA website. Clicking the EMA Help icon help link will take you to the relevant online help topic for the EMA screen you are on.
For previous version 5 system users (MLS, EMU, ERA version 5), the Online Help is available here.

9.Can I use update mirrors with the ESET MSP System / are local update repositories supported?
ESET Remote Administrator version 6 has replaced the mirror server functionality with the Apache HTTP Proxy. For more information, see the following ESET Knowledgebase article: How do I set up a mirror server for ESET Remote Administrator using Apache HTTP Proxy? (6.x)

10. Does this System support replicated RA environments or multi-tenancy?
ERA version 6.5: A single instance of ESET Remote Administrator version 6.5 can serve multiple independent users with specific access and privileges – while the user cannot see the data of other users. It is also possible to grant three levels of access to each object – read / use / write – as well as granular access settings for different types of tasks. Multi-tenancy is ideal for organizations with one centralized server and different admins managing only endpoints in their respective locations, or for MSPs managing multiple customers from a single server but who need to ensure that customers are not able to see the data of other users.  
ERA version 6.4 and earlier: Version 6.4 business products have replaced "replication" with a multi-tenancy ability. This functionality is built into ERA version 6. See How do I create or edit permission sets in ESET Remote Administrator Web Console? (6.x).
For bandwidth consolidation (for example, no internet access or you connect clients through a local ERA server), version 6.4 and earlier ESET business products now use the ERA Proxy feature.

Licensing FAQs

1.What do I do if a customer stops paying?
See the topic How to cancel or reactivate a license or How to suspend or cancel a Site.

2.When do license files expire?
License files automatically renew every 30 days or earlier if you make seat count changes. The license files have a 60-90 day expiration.


1.How long will the current system based on version 5/EMU remain active?

For version 6 business products, ESET MSP Administrator (EMA) has replaced our Managed License System (MLS) (which only supports version 5 business products). ESET will continue to support the current version 5 system (MLS, EMU and ERA) to give users time to upgrade to version 6. For more information, see the ESET MSP Administrator version 5 Online Help.

2.What happens with the running installation?
Nothing will change for now. The new system is backwards-compatible and the old interface (MLS) will still exist.

3.How do I upgrade my version 5 system (MLS, EMU, ERA version 5) to version 6 (EMA, ERA version 6)?
See the topic How to migrate from MLS to EMA.