Export the ERA 5 database

I. Download the Migration tool

1.Click the link below to download the Migration Tool.
Migration Tool download link

2.When the download is finished, extract the Win32 folder.


II. Export the ERA database

1.Right click on the MigrationTool.exe in the Win32 folder and select Run as administrator.

2.Select Export and click Next.


3.Select I accept the terms in the license agreement if you agree and click Next.

4.Select the check boxes next to the data you want to export and click Next.

5.Create a new folder on your Desktop named, for example, ERA 5 database. In the Migration Tool, click Browse, navigate to the folder you just created, type ERA 5 database in the File name field, click Save and then click Next.


6.The Migration Tool displays the progress of the database export. Click Finish when all exported data shows as complete.


7.Your ERA 5 Server database is extracted. Now you have to uninstall ERA 5.



If you do not want to uninstall the ERA 5 Server and Console yet, you have to install the <%ESCM%> Server on another machine. This instructions in this guide pertain to installing on the same machine. If you are installing on a different machine, some steps will be different for your setup.


8.After ERA 5 is uninstalled, we recommend that you restart the computer.

9. You can continue with installing the ESMC 7.