EMA Reporting

ESET MSP Administrator (EMA) allows you to report on license usage by Sites, Company and Product. You can use the reports in conjunction with your internal invoicing systems to bill your customers.

NOTE: To create reports programmatically, see the ESET MSP API section.

You can export a detailed spreadsheet for Company or Site (license) usage for the specified date range from the EMA dashboard (or export individual Site or Company reports from their respective Usage windows).

1.Click Export Export button and from the Export Options context menu, select either Company Usage or Detailed Usage.

2.After the report generates, you can choose to Open or Save the report.csv file.

EMA report generation popup window

Exporting Sites data

The spreadsheet of existing Sites includes the following data:

Active, Company.Company Id, Company.Name, Created, Inactive Ancestor, Last Update, Legacy Key, Name, Products, Security Admins, Site Id, Status, Supports Legacy, Trial Units, Units