EMA User Interface Dashboard Overview

The EMA web site user interface Dashboard is displayed after you log in. This section provides an overview of the different pages and functions available from the web site.


1.EMA Dashboard icon Dashboard — The is the Home screen when you log in and it displays your license usage, which is ordered by Product and then by Date. The dates are grouped and the ranges are further grouped together. The Quantity reflects the number of active licenses (for the Site) for the grouped date range.

The Doughnut chart displays the ratio of seat days per licenses across the selected date range

The Day/Sum column displays how many active licenses you had per day, by the summation of the number of days (per day x number of days)

You can also Export a detailed spreadsheet for Site (license) usage for the specified date range. For more information, see the topic EMA Reporting.


2.EMA Sites iconSites — You create a Site to hold a pool of licenses. Typically, only one (1) Site is needed to manage MSP licenses.

For ERA version 5 users, only one (1) Site is needed to manage MSP licenses. For ERA version 6 users, we recommend that you create one (1) Site with its own license pool for each customer for advanced/improved reporting and management of customers.

3.Users iconUsers  — If the Users tab is available, you can create users who can log into EMA. For more information, see the Managing Users section.

4.The upper right-hand section of EMA contains the following options:

EMA Help iconThe question mark is a link to this online help (user guide) — Clicking the EMA Help icon help link will take you to the relevant online help topic for the EMA screen you are on.

Your user name­ — Clicking this will take you to the password reset page.

Logout icon Logout — Clicking Logout will log you out of the EMA platform.

EMA_Pin Pin — Once you become familiar with the menu options and icons, you can pin the menu by clicking the icon to keep the menu hidden at all times. The left-hand menu expands to the right when it is not pinned for both the main menu and pop-up navigation windows.