EMA Changelog


Added: ESET Mail/File/Gateway for Linux/Free BSD are now available for use with ESET Remote Administrator version 6.3

Added: The Site and Company details drop-down menu options (Information and Usage) open in new pop-up window

Added: Ability to download Site report lists

Added: Ability to export Detailed Site Usage

Improved: Ability for all users to post Notes in a Company Details pop-up window

Improved: The Suspend Site option prevents the license from getting updates as well as suspends billing (and this is reflected in ELA version 1.34.x and later)

Improved: Online Help has been updated to reflect latest version of EMA (as of version

Improved: Ability to “show inactive” / “hide inactive” on Sites/Licenses screens

Fixed: Pending create messages and icons for "Create New Security Admin" and "Create License" are now consistent with other pending statuses

Fixed: The status for user accounts was incorrectly displayed as “Active” in the Users tab when the user accounts were set to inactive

Known Issues

Using special characters !@#$%^&*()+ in input fields (Name, Email, City) will result in error
Solution: Do not use special characters in input fields

Suspended licenses are displayed with an active status in ESET Remote Administrator
Solution: This will be fixed in an upcoming release