Managing Sites

Sites is the method for managing licenses in the ESET MSP Administrator.

This section provides an overview and description of the user interface and instructions for creating a new Site. Once a Site is created, you will manage the products and licenses in the Product Licenses section of EMA (for more information, see the topic Managing Licenses ).

How to create a new Site


1.Sites — A sortable table of the existing Sites associated with the EMA user account.  

2.New Site — Click the New Site button to create a new Site to manage a license pool for a new customer.

3.The Sites filter and search section contains the following options:

The "show inactive/hide inactive" icon.

You can search existing Sites using the drop-down menu options to filter by Name, Admin Account or Legacy Key.

4. Download — Clicking the download icon allows you to download a spreadsheet of existing Sites.

NOTE: For more information, see the topic EMA Reporting.

The table below lists the status messages and their corresponding descriptions when editing the seat counts of a Site:

Status Message icons


Yellow Status Pending icon Status pending

For the Security Admin Account and recently added products, the Status pending icon will display while the information updates with the MSP system.


When the status changes to the green check mark, the license has been successfully updated and hovering over the Status column will display the product license key.

Pending create/update/cancel

When you make a change to the status of a license, such as deselecting the check mark next to Active in the Manage column, the Pending cancel icon will display while the information updates within the MSP system.

Canceled icon Canceled

You can display a canceled license by clicking the show inactive check box in the Product Licenses section. You can reactivate a license by selecting the check box next to Active in the Manage column for the canceled license.  For more information, see the topic How to cancel or reactivate a license.