Create a Agent Live installer

I. Log in to the ESMC Web Console

ESET Security Management Center Web Console is the primary interface used to communicate with ESMC Server. You can think of it as a control panel, a central place from which you can manage all ESET security products. It is a web-based interface that can be accessed using a browser from any place and any device with internet access.

To log in on the machine hosting your Webconsole, type this URL into the web browser:


or use the IP address that was displayed at the end of the ESMC installation. Type in the password you set up during the installation.


II. Create static groups

Groups can be understood as folders where computers and other objects are categorized. Static Groups are managed manually, while Dynamic Groups are arranged automatically based on specific criteria in a template. One computer can be in a certain time in just one static group. You can find more information in the documentation on groups.

To create a new static group:

1.Navigate to Computers > Click the gear icon next to the All group > New Static Group.



2.Enter the name and description of the group and click Finish.

3.You can repeat the previous steps to create as many static groups as needed. To create a hierarchy, select Change parent group and select a group, that will be a parent group to the current group.


III. Create a live installer script

Once the structure of groups is at place, create a Agent Live installer for those groups, where you want the computers to be assigned after the installation.

1.Navigate to Quick Links > Other Deployment Options.



2.Select Create Agent Live Installer > Create installer.



3.In the Certificate section, you can choose to participate in Product improvement program or the choose another peer certificate, we recommend to use the default settings. Continue to the Configuration section.

4.In the Configuration section, set up Name and Description for the installer. Server hostname must be resolvable from the client machines and same to the hostname used at certificates.


5.It is recommended to select a parent group (one of static groups you have created). Click Select and then select a group and confirm by OK. Click Finish to create the installer.



6.Click Download to save the installation script.


7.After you have created the installer, you can repeat steps 1 - 6 to create a separate installer for each static group you need.

8.Continue to Management Agents installation.