Create an Install Task

1. Log in to your ESMC 7 Webconsole.

2.Click Client Tasks > New.


3.Type the Name and Description for the task. Select ESET Security Product in the Task Category drop-down menu and Software Install in the Task drop-down menu. Click Continue to go to the next section.


4.In the Settings section, click Choose ESET License and select the appropriate license to use for activations under this task.


Important information

Be careful to select the appropriate Security Admin account and license for the product you are updating. Also be sure to target the appropriate static group (representing a customer).


5.Click Choose package next to Install package from repository and select the security product to update. You can use filters to easily find the desired package.

6.Select the box next to I accept the terms to indicate that you accept the EULA and Privacy Policy.


7.Continue to the Summary section, check the task info and if it is correct, Finish the task.


8.When prompted, select Create Trigger.

Continue to the Create a Trigger section.