Add ESMC Server to the proxy configuration

The Apache HTTP Proxy configuration file  (%APACHE_DIR%/conf/httpd.conf) does not contain the address of your ESMC Server. You have to add it there, to allow connections from the proxy machine to the Server machine.

1.Open the Apache configuration file  (%APACHE_DIR%/conf/httpd.conf) in a text editor.

2.Find ProxyMatch segments in the file and add a separate ProxyMatch segment with the address your Agents use to connect to the ESMC Server. Make sure to include all other possible addresses of your ESMC Server (IP, FQDN). Add the code below; IP address and hostname hostname.example are only examples to be substituted by your addresses.

<ProxyMatch ^(hostname\.example(:[0-9]+)?(\/.*)?|10\.1\.1\.10(:[0-9]+)?(\/.*)?)$>

Allow from all



The address in the ProxyMatch segment must be written in a form of Regex expression. You can use a tool to create a simple ProxyMatch segment.

3.Restart the Apache HTTP Proxy service.