Company type template options

If your user account has sufficient permissions to create a new Company, the following table lists the Company type template options and EMA ID numbers (used for API reporting) that are available for you to select.  

NOTE: Not all templates are available depending on your company type. For more information, contact your MSP administrator.

Table 1: Company type template options

Option and ID number


Company Department

Available for ESET HQ and ESET Distributor; defines a department within an ESET Distributor company (usually "Sales" department; if an ESET Distributor is responsible for more countries, a sales department for each country can be created, for example, "Sales Country1", "Sales Country2").


Defines a typical MSP company. This type of Company can have Users and will have the ability to create Sites and licenses.

MSP Manager

Defines a Company whose customers are MSPs (that is, an "MSP reseller" company). This type of Company will have the ability to create "Managed MSP" companies, but cannot have Sites or licenses.

Managed  MSP

Defines a Managed MSP Company.