Managing Companies

The Companies tab Companies tab of EMA allows you to edit an existing Company or create a Company for the Company type template options that your company template allows.

Download — Clicking the download icon allows you to download a spreadsheet of existing Companies.

NOTE: For more information, see the topic EMA Reporting.

1.To access the options to manage an existing Company, click the Company tab and use the Groups hierarchy tree to drill-down to the Company you want to edit.

NOTE: You can also Search for a company by Name, Type, Country, City, or Parent Company.

2.Click the company name in the Name column and select an option from the drop-down menu.

See Table 1 below for a list of the available options and their descriptions.

Companies drop-down menu options

Figure 1

Table 1: Companies drop-down menu options




The Information option displays the Details pop-up with the Company Name, Parent Company, Status, and number of Sites and Users.


The Usage pop-up displays the licenses associated with this company, organized by date range.

Notes *

* Available from the Details pop-up window. You can view and post notes for the selected Company.


From the Company Edit screen you can edit the Company Name and location details (Country, State/Province and City) and deactivate a Company by deselecting the Active check box.

View companies

If your Company type template options allows you to have sub-companies, you can view these from this screen.

View sites

The Sites screen lists the active Sites for the selected Company.

View users

The Users screen lists those who have access to the Company to create and edit licenses, depending on their User type and access rights.

New company

You can create a New Company if your Company type template options allows sub-companies. See How to create a new Company.

New site

This option takes you to the New Site screen. See How to create a new Site.

New user

The New User screen allows you to create a new User to create and edit licenses for your Company. See How to create a new User.