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Company (category)

Calls in the Company category provide user information for the company specified by the companyId parameter.

ESET MSP Administrator 2 API uses a simple hierarchical model. Each user can view and modify objects that are lower in the hierarchy.

Permission model

Permissions are always granted to all data fields of a certain object. Users can either see all of an object's data or none of it. The Access level can be set for each company separately. There are 3 levels of user access:

Read - user can only read object's data.

Write - user can create additional companies and users and edit them.

NoAccess - user has no access to information about the object set to NoAccess.



Access levels are inherited. That means a user with a certain access level  to a company will automatically have that same access level to the company's subsidiary companies, unless a different access level is specified.


Company hierarchy

EMA2 company hierarchy includes the following levels:

1.ESET HQ – The root of the whole hierarchy. It is not considered a company; so it is not associated with a Price-List

2.Distributor – An ESET partner in specific countries that distributes (sells) ESET products.

3.Division A Distributor who can group/divide specific subordinated companies into Divisions.

4.MSP (Company) Managed Service Provider company that provides computer maintenance services.

5.MSP Manager (Company) Special type of MSP Company that manages and is responsible for Managed MSP Companies.

6.Managed MSP (Company) Special type of MSP Company that is managed by MSP Manager Company.

7.MSP Customer Company that hired an MSP Company.