Synchronize EBA with ESMC


ESET LiveGuard Advanced license imported in your EBA account

ESMC 7.x deployed

working connection between ESMC Server and EBA portal



If you have already imported your EBA account to your ESMC Web Console, click Synchronize in the License Management section to force-update the license information in the Web Console. You do not need to add your EBA credentials again.


1.Log in to your ESMC Web Console as the Administrator or another user with sufficient permissions.

2.Navigate to More > License Management > Actions > Add license.


3.Select ESET Business Account or ESET MSP Administrator Login and enter your EBA account information.

4.Click Add licenses to add all licenses from your account to ESMC.



If you import the ESET LiveGuard Advanced license key directly to the Web Console, you get following error:

"Failed to add license by license key: License is issued for a product that can not be managed with ESET Security Management Center. Please enter a different license."

Always import the ESET LiveGuard Advanced license via EBA or ESET MSP Administrator.