Unit Distributions

In the Unit Distributions section, you can see what units are activated with what licenses - how the licenses are distributed and the status of the licenses. You can switch the view from all licenses to only particular licenses with issues using the icon switch icon_switches_unit_distribution under the Logout option of the Security Admin account.

The status icons  denote the current status of each unit. Click any status icon at the top of the unit list to include or exclude it from the units being displayed. The meaning of each icon status is as follows:

icon_green_check The license is valid and activated.

icon_yellow_exclamation The license is about to expire, or action is required for you to continue using it.

icon_clock The license is inactive; it is either expired or there are no units included in the license, or further action (such as activation) is required.

icon_red_exclamation The licensed is overused or expired with active units.


Licenses are uniquely identified by their Public License ID. Each license displays the security Product for which that License is intended, the license Owner, overall Status of the license, number of Units that can be activated with this license, number of Subunits (for server products - their clients), whether it is possible to generate an Offline license file symbol_document_offline (for offline activation) or a Legacy license symbol_document_legacy (username/password and a license file) and the Expiration date.

NOTE: The offline and legacy options must be enabled in the Settings section.