How do you change a License Owner? For example, if the IT manager was the License Owner, but is no longer with the company, how would they designate a new owner in the License Administrator site?

Sign in as License Owner to ELA portal and you can change the email for password reset emails in the Settings section in ELA portal and then reset the password by clicking Change password button. If you do not have any access to the License Owner account, you need to contact ESET Customer Care who can change the email associated with the license in Dexter portal.


What is the easiest way to remove a system from your license? What if you have 5,000 clients on your license, how do you find that system in ELA?

By using filters or search field at the top of the Unit management section in ELA + clicking deactivate button.


Why can you run a task to apply a license to activate a client, but you cannot remove a license using a task?

In ERA version 6.2 and earlier there was no such possibility, but from version 6.3 the deactivation of license is possible directly from ERA Web console. Navigate to Computers, right-click the desired computer and select Deactivate Products:

How can I deactivate licenses/computers from ESET Remote Administrator or from ELA?

If you use an older version of ERA, then either you run a task to activate a client with the new license (no need to deactivate previous License Key) or remove the client completely from the ERA structure and delete the computer.


What should I do with my license key after I received an e-mail including the license details?

Optimal scenario is to register a security admin account at ESET License Administrator, and add all your licenses to your security admin account.  You can add licenses directly from the security admin account in the Dashboard page. Click the Unit distributions button and select Add license by license key. You will be prompted to enter your License key and your ESET License Administrator Password (ELA Password) which you should have received after purchase of your license or initial activation of license in case it was purchased in a box. If you have not received your ELA Password, please contact your ESET support representative.

You can then use your security admin account to activate your ESET Security products, and to add all of your licenses to ESET Remote Administrator.

You have to keep your license key safe for license renewal and support requests, because license key is not displayed in your security admin account.


The ELA portal Unit management displays some client that can be deactivated and some cannot (there are no check boxes next to some/any units). Why?

Most probably you are logged in as a security admin and the particular units were activated directly via a license key and not by you security admin account. As of now, we do not have any granular user control or „access rights setup“ for individual security admins.

So it works this way:

1.Security Admin is able to deactivate only units that were activated using his security admin account credentials.

2.License Owner, as the „highest entity“ is able to deactivate all units, from all security admin accounts associated with that particular license.

What you can is to either log in as a license owner into ESET License Administrator (enter your license key and your ELA password), or reactivate the seats with the license added to your security admin account – either by typing the security admin account credentials in the application, or by adding the license to ERA using the security admin account credentials, and then executing the product activation task.


How to troubleshoot error: "Failed to add license by license file: The provided license file is not issued for this ESET Remote Administrator Server"

The customer tries to enter an Offline license file which was issued for other ERA Server instance. It is necessary to re-generate the Offline license file for that certain server. When an Offline license file is generated in ELA portal, the option of Allow to manage with Remote Administrator must be checked. During that operation ELA requires the token (HW fingerprint) of the ERA Server for which the file is issued. The ERA Server token can be obtained in ERA Server Web Console in the Offline license file section when adding a new license. For details please refer to the ESET Remote Administrator Online help.


How does ESET Mail Security 6 for Exchange Server count the mailboxes?

Please, refer to the following ESET Knowledgebase article.


Which ESET products use the new ESET licensing system?

Version 6 (and later) ESET business products and version 9 (and later) ESET home products.


I cannot generate any more offline files. Why?

You have either consumed the total number of seats in your license (sum of your currently activated online seats and offline seats is equal or larger than your actual licensed amount) or you have used the offline file to activate a computer that has internet access and is able to contact edf.eset.com.  To enable generation of another offline file, you need to reactivate such a computer using an online license, or restrict the communication of your computer to edf.eset.com.

Important: Offline license files are intended to be used only in completely offline environments (where computers do not have any form of internet access (direct or via proxy server)) or for enabling the mirror tool functionality in ESET Remote Administrator.