The Dashboard gives an overview of the licenses a Security Admin is authorized to manage.


1.The upper section of ESET License Administrator displays a link to this user guide, your user name (for a Security Admin) and Logout. Clicking the name of your Security Admin account will display information about the account. Here you can change your information, change your password or even delete your Security Admin account. Also, you can choose language for the ESET License Administrator so that whenever you login you'll see the portal in selected language.

2.The menu on the left contains the main sections of the Security Admin part of ESET License Administrator - Unit Distributions, Unit Management and Settings for your Security Admin account.

3.Unit distribution requests — In this section, you can see license authorizations from license owners. You can choose to Accept administration or reject the administration by clicking Cancel - you will no longer see a rejected unit distribution request.

4.Unit distribution issues — You can see and manage unit distribution issues — license expiration, overusage ,etc.

5.Unit distribution overview — Here you can view a comprehensive overview of the unit distribution — Licenses for individual product types, quantity of units, available/used units, etc.

NOTE: Computers running legacy products are counted only if managed by ESET Remote Administrator. Legacy products are products activated using a Username and Password. They are only taken into account by ESET License Administrator if they are a client of ESET Remote Administrator.

6.Clicking Unit distributions gives you following options:
Unit Distributions
Request unit distribution
Add License by License Key