Audit log

In this screen you can see the history of various actions executed in ELA. The logs are ordered in timely order from the latest to the oldest events. You can revert the order by clicking the label of Time column.
Some of the logged actions are as follows:

login, logout - The action of logout is recorded only if the Logout button was used to exit ELA.

generating, downloading  or removing an offline license file

viewing the details of a legacy license file

authorization offer

cancellation of authorization offer

acceptance, refusal of authorization offer

cancellation of authorization

changing settings

registration of a security admin account, confirmation of registration

password change

seat deactivation

activation, dissociation of a unit

For some of those actions there is more information available in the Description column if you hover the icon_information icon.

For example, if you changed the settings, then hovering the icon_information icon in the Description column would show you the new settings applied during that change.