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Scheduled scan options

In this window, you can specify advanced options for a scheduled computer scan task.

To run a scan with no cleaning action, click Advanced settings and select Scan without cleaning. Scan history is saved to the scan log.

When Ignore exclusions is selected, files with extensions that were previously excluded from scanning will be scanned with no exception.

Action after scan drop-down menu enables you to set an action to be performed automatically after a scan finishes:

No action—After a scan finishes, no action will be performed.

Shut down—The computer turns off after a scan finishes.

Restart if needed—The computer restarts if only needed to complete cleaning of detected threats.

Restart—Closes all open programs and restarts the computer after a scan finishes.

Force restart if needed—The computer forces restart if only needed to complete cleaning of detected threats.

Force restart— Forces closing of all open programs without waiting for user interaction and restarts the computer after a scan finishes.

Sleep—Saves your session and puts the computer in a low-power state so that you can quickly resume working.

Hibernate—Takes everything you have running on RAM and moves it to a special file on your hard drive. Your computer shuts down but will resume its previous state the next time you start it.


Sleep or Hibernate actions are available based on your computer Power & sleep operating system settings or your computer/laptop capabilities. Remember that a sleeping computer is still a working computer. It is still running basic functions and using electricity when your computer runs on battery power. To preserve battery life, for example, when traveling outside of your office, we recommend using the Hibernate option.

The selected action will start after all of the running scans are finished. When you select Shutdown or Restart, a confirmation dialog window will display a 30-second countdown (click Cancel to deactivate the requested action).

Select Scan cannot be interrupted to deny non-privileged users the ability to stop actions taken after scanning.

Select The scan may be paused by user for (min) option if you want to allow the limited user to pause the computer scan for a specified time period.

See also Scan progress.