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Microsoft Outlook toolbar

Microsoft Outlook protection works as a plugin module. After ESET Internet Security is installed, this toolbar containing the antivirus/antispam protection options is added to Microsoft Outlook:

Spam—Marks chosen messages as spam. After marking, a "fingerprint" of the message is sent to a central server storing spam signatures. If the server receives more similar "fingerprints" from several users, the message will be classified as spam in the future.

Not spam—Marks chosen messages as not spam.

Spam address (Blocked, a list of spam addresses)—Adds a new sender address to the Address list as Blocked. All messages received from the list will be automatically classified as spam.


Beware of spoofing—forging a sender's address on email messages to mislead email recipients into reading and responding.

Trusted address (Allowed, a list of trusted addresses)—Adds a new sender address to the Address list as Allowed. All messages received from allowed addresses will never be automatically classified as spam.

ESET Internet Security—Double-click the icon to open the main window of ESET Internet Security.

Rescan messages—Enables you to launch email checking manually. You can specify messages that will be checked, and you can activate rescanning of the received emails. For more information, see Email client protection.

Scanner setup—Displays the Email client protection setup options.

Antispam setup—Displays the Antispam protection setup options.

Address books—Opens the antispam protection window, where you can access lists of excluded, trusted and spam addresses.