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Add or Edit processes exclusions

This dialog window enables you to add processes excluded from detection engine. Processes exclusions help minimize the risk of potential conflicts and improve the performance of excluded applications, which in turn has a positive effect on the overall performance and stability of the operating system. The exclusion of a process / application is an exclusion of its executable file (.exe).


Select the file path of an excepted application by clicking ... (for example C:\Program Files\Firefox\Firefox.exe). Do NOT type the name of the application.
As soon as the .exe file is added to the exclusions, activity of this process is not monitored by ESET Internet Security and no scanning is run on any file operations performed by this process.


If you do not use browse function when selecting process executable, you need to manually type a full path to the executable. Otherwise, the exclusion will not work correctly and HIPS may report errors.

You can also Edit existing processes or Delete them from exclusions.