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Free ESET License key

Full license for ESET Internet Security is not free.

ESET license key is a unique sequence of letters and numbers separated by a dash, provided by ESET to allow the legal use of ESET Internet Security in compliance with the End User License Agreement. Every End User is entitled to use the License key only to the extent in which has the right to use ESET Internet Security based on the number of licenses granted by ESET. The License key is deemed confidential and cannot be shared; however, you can share the license seats using the ESET HOME.

There are sources on the internet that might provide you a "free" ESET license keys, but remember:

Clicking on a "Free ESET license" ad can compromise your computer or device and can lead to becoming infected with malware. Malware can be hidden in unofficial web content (e.g., videos), websites that display ads to earn money based on your visits, etc. Usually, these are a trap.

ESET can and does disable pirated licenses.

Having a pirated license key is not aligned with the End User License Agreement that you must accept to install ESET Internet Security.

Buy ESET licenses only through official channels such as, ESET distributors or resellers (do not buy licenses from unofficial third-party websites like eBay or shared licenses from a third-party).

Downloading the ESET Internet Security is free, but activation during installation requires a valid ESET license key (you can download and install it, but without activation, it will not work).

Do not share your license on the internet or social media (it might become widespread).

To identify and report a pirated ESET license, visit our Knowledgebase article for instructions.


If you are uncertain about buying an ESET Security product, you can use a trial version while you decide:


1.Activate ESET Internet Security using a free trial license

2.Participate in ESET Beta Program

3.Install ESET Mobile Security if you are using Android mobile device, it is freemium.

To gain a discount / prolong your license, Renew your ESET.