Firewall rules list

The Firewal rules list can be found in Advanced setup (F5) > Network protection > Firewall > Advanced by clicking Edit next to Rules.


Name – Name of rule.

Enabled – Shows if rule is enabled or disabled; the corresponding check box must be selected to activate a rule.

Protocol – The Internet protocol this rule is valid for.

Profile – Shows the firewall profile this rule is valid for.

Action – Shows the status of communication (block/allow/ask).

Direction – Direction of communication (incoming/outgoing/both).

Local – Remote IPv4 or IPv6 address / range / subnet and port of local computer.

Remote – Remote IPv4 or IPv6 address / range / subnet and port of remote computer.

Application – The application to which the rule applies.


Control elements

AddCreates a new rule.

Edit –  Edit an existing rule.

Delete – Remove an existing rule.

Copy – Create a copy of a selected rule.

Show built in (predefined) rules – Rules predefined by ESET Internet Security which allow or deny specific communications. You can disable these rules, but you cannot delete a predefined rule.

UP_DOWN Top/Up/Down/Bottom – Allows you to adjust the priority level of rules (rules are executed from top to bottom).


Click the search icon ICON_SCAN at the top right to search for rule(s) by name, protocol or port.