In-browser notification

Secured browser informs you about its current status through in-browser notifications and the color of the browser frame.

In-browser notifications are shown in the tab on the right side.


To expand the in-browser notification, click the ESET icon ICON_BPP_LOGO. To minimize the notification, click the notification text. To dismiss the notification, click the close icon ICON_BPP_CLOSE.

In-browser notifications

Notification type


Informative notification and green browser frame

Maximum protection is ensured and the in-browser notification is minimized by default. Expand the in-browser notification to display the configuration options:

Hide browser's green frame – Select the check box to hide the green frame around the browser when you dismiss the notification. You can disable the informative in-browser notification and the green frame around the browser permanently in the Banking & Payment protection Advanced setup screen.

Settings – Opens the Security tools setup.

Warning and orange browser frame

Secured browser requires your attention for a non-critical issue. For more information about the issue or a solution, follow the instructions in the in-browser notification.

Security alert and red browser frame

The browser is not protected by the ESET Banking & Payment protection. Restart the browser to ensure the protection is active. To resolve a conflict with files loaded in the browser, contact ESET Technical Support by following the instructions in our Knowledgebase article.