Alerts and message boxes


Looking for information about common alerts and notifications?

Threat found

Address has been blocked

Product not activated

Change to a product with more features

Change to a product with less features

Update is available

Update information is not consistent

Troubleshooting for "Modules update failed" message

Resolve modules update errors

'File corrupt' or 'Failed to rename file'

Network threat blocked

Website certificate revoked

The Alerts and message boxes section under User interface allows you to configure how detections, where a decision is needed to be made by a user (e.g., potential phishing website) are handled by ESET Internet Security.


Alert and message boxes

Disabling Display interactive alerts will hide all alert windows and in-browser dialogs, and is only suitable for a limited amount of specific situations. We recommend this option is left in its default setting (enabled).

In-product messaging

In-product messaging is designed to inform users of ESET news and other communications. Sending marketing messages requires the consent of a user. Marketing messages are not sent to a user by default (shown as a question mark). By enabling this option, you agree to receive ESET marketing messages. If you are not interested in receiving ESET marketing material, disable the Display marketing messages option.

Desktop notifications

Notifications on the Desktop and balloon tips are informative only, and do not require user interaction. The Desktop notifications section was moved under Tools > Notifications in Advanced setup (version 12.2 and later).

Message boxes

To close pop-up windows automatically after a certain period of time, select Close message boxes automatically. If they are not closed manually, alert windows are automatically closed after the specified time period elapses.

Confirmation messages – Shows you a list of confirmation messages you can select to display or not to display.