How to allow communication for a certain application

If a new connection is detected in interactive mode and there is no matching rule, you will be prompted to allow or deny the connection. If you want ESET Internet Security to perform the same action every time the application attempts to establish a connection, select the Create rule and remember permanently check box.


You can create new Firewall rules for applications before they are detected by ESET Internet Security in the Firewall setup, open the main program window > Setup > Network Protection > Click the GEAR next to Firewall > Configure > Advanced > Rules > Edit.

Click Add button and in the General tab, enter the name, direction, and communication protocol for the rule. This window allows you to define the action to be taken when the rule is applied.

Enter the path to the application's executable and the local communication port in the Local tab. Click the Remote tab to enter the remote address and port (if applicable). The newly-created rule will be applied as soon as the application tries to communicate again.