Computer scan log

When  the scan finishes, the Computer scan log opens with all relevant information related to the particular scan. Scan log gives you information such as:

Version of detection engine

Starting date and time

List of scanned disks, folders, and files

Total scanning time

Number of scanned objects

Number of detections found

Time of completion

Total scanning time


To find previous scan logs, in the main menu, select Tools > More tools > Log files. In the dropdown menu, select Computer scan and double-click the desired record.


Click the switch icon MODULE_INACTIVE Filtering to open the Log filtering window where you can define narrow your search by custom criteria. To view the context menu, right-click a specific log entry:



Filter same records

Activates the log filtering. The log will show only records of the same type as the selected one.


This option opens the Log filtering window and allows you to define criteria for specific log entries. Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+F

Enable filter

Activates the filter settings. If you activate the filter for the first time, you must define settings, and Log filtering window opens.

Disable filter

Turns the filter off (same as clicking the switch at the bottom).


Copies highlighted record(s) into clipboard. Shortcut: Ctrl+C

Copy all

Copies all records in the window.


Exports highlighted record(s) into clipboard to an XML file.

Export all...

This option exports all records in the window to an XML file.