Command line parameters

ESET SysInspector supports generating reports from the command line using these parameters:


generate log directly from the command line without running GUI


generate log with sensitive information omitted


save outcome log in compressed zip archive


suppress progress window when generating log from the command line


launch ESET SysInspector without generating/loading log


Sysinspector.exe [load.xml] [/gen=save.xml] [/privacy] [/zip] [compareto.xml]

To load specific log directly into the browser, use: SysInspector.exe .\clientlog.xml

To generate log from the command line, use: SysInspector.exe /gen=.\mynewlog.xml

To generate log excluding sensitive information directly in a compressed file, use: SysInspector.exe /gen=.\ /privacy /zip

To compare two log files and browse differences, use: SysInspector.exe new.xml old.xml

NOTE: If the name of the file/folder contains a gap, then should be taken into inverted commas.