Firewall rules

Click Edit next to Rules in the Basic tab section to display the Firewall rules window, where the list of all rules is displayed. Add, Edit, and Remove allow you to add, configure or delete rules. You can adjust the priority level of a rule by selecting a rule(s) and clicking Top/Up/Down/Bottom.

TIP: You can use the Search field to find a rule(s) by name, protocol or port.



NameName of rule.

Enabled – Shows if rules are enabled or disabled, the corresponding check box must be selected to activate a rule.

Protocol – The protocol this rule is valid for.

Profile – Shows the firewall profile this rule is valid for.

ActionShows the status of communication (block/allow/ask).

Direction – Direction of communication (incoming/outgoing/both).

Local – IP address and port of local computer.

Remote – IP address and port of remote computer.

Applications The application to which the rule applies.

Control elements

AddCreates a new rule.

Edit – Allows you to edit existing rules.

Remove – Removes existing rules.

Show built in (predefined) rulesRules predefined by ESET Internet Security which allow or deny specific communications. You can disable these rules, but you cannot delete a predefined rule.

Top/Up/Down/BottomAllows you to adjust the priority level of rules (rules are executed from top to bottom).